Y-Series: Why Should I Keep My Gold in a Global Gold Key Box?

April 12, 2019

Global Gold offers a very unique storage option that, to our knowledge, is not available through any other international precious metals program. This solution allows you to keep your precious metals in a private Key Box, stored safely in a high-security vault in Zurich, Switzerland. Contrary to other similar services, this box needn’t be visited for access. Instead, it can be delivered anywhere in the world upon request and according to your instructions.

In the following video, Scott Schamber and Frank Suess discuss the features and benefits of the Key Box storage service. In summary, these are the key points worth considering:


  • Only you have access – the box is sealed and locked; two keys are delivered to you upon initiation of the service.

  • Bullion as well as collectibles – you decide what kind of metals you place in the box, be it investment-grade bullion coins or the family coins passed down by your grandparents, e.g. numismatic or semi-numismatic collectibles.

  • Insurance – the precious metals in the box are fully insured during storage and transportation. The minimum insurance value is based on the metal spot price (based on weight) or based on a higher insurance valued declared by you.

  • Delivery to anywhere in the world – should you wish to access the box and its contents, you can either visit the facilities in Zurich, or you can terminate the service and have the box delivered to an international destination of your choosing.

  • Non-reportable – In most jurisdictions, this kind of safekeeping is not reportable in your tax returns. Clearly, you need to check with your local tax advisor, but keeping precious metals in a private box, safely and fully confidential, is seen as a big plus by many.



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