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Our Storage Options 

Collective Storage

Our most cost-efficient and frequently used solution. Your physically allocated bars and coins are stored in a high-security storage vault collectively with the holdings of other Global Gold clients, with a 100% guaranteed physical backing of your purchased formats. 
Minimum value of CHF 50’000 in stored metals required.

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Our Group has just published our latest Special Report 'On the Brink of a New Era - Are You Prepared?'. 

We live in turbulent times that raise many questions. How will the U.S. elections influence our lives? What are the consequences of excessive debt? What can governments do to reduce it? And what are the implications for investors? ... In times like these, we believe it is of utmost importance to closely observe and analyze our environment to effectively protect and grow what is rightfully ours - or yours. 

This is why our Group is sharing part of our analysis with you. 

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