Frequently Asked Questions


How is Global Gold different from other companies that deal with precious metals?

Contrary to other precious metals programs where the terms of the ownership can be vague or unclear, with Global Gold, a 100% Swiss company complying with Swiss law and regulations, you own your precious metals fully and directly. We do not hedge or lease your metals. Global Gold’s services and storage facilities are located “outside” of the banking system, meaning that we are not dependent on functioning stock markets or banks. And if you need access to your metals – to sell, pick-up, or even take delivery of – they are immediately available.

What is the benefit of “offshore” and diversifying my assets outside of my home country?

Much in the same way you wouldn’t invest all of your hard-earned assets into one single stock, it is important to consider holding at least part of your assets outside of your home country. History has taught us that the more a country is indebted, the higher the risk of confiscation of the wealth of its citizens will be! Therefore, an important part of any individual risk assessment must address the necessity of international wealth diversification into different jurisdictions.

Are U.S. IRAs accepted as Global Gold clients?

Yes, provided the IRA custodian agrees to allow for Global Gold in the IRA and signs the application accordingly. We are aware that some US IRA custodians allow for foreign precious metals storage. This is something you might have to check on with your custodian or specialized US-based companies.

What does VQF stand for and what is their precise role?

VQF stands for “Verein zur Qualitätssicherung von Finanzdienstleistungen” or “Association for the Quality Assurance of Financial Services”. VQF is the largest official self-regulatory organization recognized by the Ministry of Finance in Switzerland and ensures that all business transactions done by Global Gold conform to the Swiss Anti-Money Laundering Act.

Are there any countries’ citizens that you refuse to take on as clients?

In general, we accept clients from all over the world. Global Gold carefully examines every client application assuring that the necessary due diligence is done to comply with Swiss law and to fulfill our own high ethical criteria.

Is there a benefit to working with a Swiss company when it comes to precious metals purchase and storage?

Global Gold is a 100% Swiss company operating under Swiss law and jurisdiction. The benefits are many, but we believe the highest benefits is our federalist and democratic system; it ensures that the Swiss people still have a say in and keep a key check over what the government can do. The Swiss also pay high respect to individual property rights, regardless if you are Swiss or an international investor.

What type of clients does Global Gold accept? Can I open an account for my trust or company?

Global Gold accepts private, individual clients, as well as legal entities. Therefore, yes, we can accept a trust or a company, provided our anti-money laundering and Know Your Client rules can be met. We also offer a unique option for Swiss investors as they benefit from no VAT on white metals when purchased and stored with us in Switzerland.

Is Joint Ownership possible, and if so, how is dealt with if one of the owners passes away?

Yes, joint ownership is possible. Joint Ownership under the Program is dealt with as tenancy in common, meaning that each owner owns an equal share of the holdings and do not necessarily have a right of ownership to each other. If one of the joint owners were to decease, the deceased’s 50% ownership would pass to their heirs through a will or the probate process. This is why we normally recommend joint owners consider using a trust or other entity for ownership for the purpose of their estate planning.

What would happen to my gold if Global Gold went bankrupt?

As you have direct, allocated ownership of your metals, your metals are not part of our balance sheet. As such, if Global Gold were to go bankrupt, the creditors will not be able to put a claim on your metals. Since we do not pre-finance any purchases, nor do we hedge, pledge or speculate with your metals, our business model largely eliminates business risks.

How do I become a client of Global Gold?

First, you need to complete an application kit. Our “Private Individuals” application is for single or joint ownership, while the “Legal Entities” application is for trusts, foundations, corporate businesses, or partnerships. At the same time, you will review our Terms and Conditions and Storage Contract.

Submit the original application together with the required supporting identification documentation to Global Gold at our Advisory Center, Zürichstrasse 103e, 8123 Zürich - Ebmatingen, Switzerland.

Within 24 hours of the receipt of your application, you will receive a confirmation with your account details and access to our Client Login Portal where your trade confirmations, storage reports, and other information will be uploaded or found. Then wire your funds and place an order.

What is the Client Reference Account and why is it important?

The Client Reference Account is the account where you are either wiring the funds for a purchase from, or where we wire cash residuals or sales proceeds to. We can only wire to an account in the name of the Global Gold client. The reference account is critical for us to be able to get any cash or excess balance that is on our account back to you and can be changed in the future.

How can I find out what the value of my holdings is at GG?

Each client has access to their own Client Login Portal which shows the holdings you have with us. You can either see the current value of your holdings or look at historical values.

What can I do with my Client Login Portal?

Your Client Login Portal has a variety of tools and features that you can use, and those will continue to grow. Currently, you can see your holdings at any time, review current/past transactions, download the most important forms, or pay the annual storage fees via credit card.

Is it possible to change the ownership of my account?

Yes. First, it is important that the “new” owner has submitted an application kit and has its own Global Gold client number if not a client already. Then, a Change of Ownership form, signed by both “old” and “new” owners will facilitate the change. Note that storage fees from January 1st to the point the metals change ownership need to be paid prior to the move.

Is it possible to give a Power of Attorney to a third party for my Global Gold client number?

Yes, you can name a Power of Attorney. The PoA gives the third party a right to purchase, sell, and give other instructions on your behalf, so it is a powerful right to give. A notarized copy of the valid passport of the Attorney would need to be provided, plus an original-signed form confirming all parties’ agreement on the PoA.

If I am a US person, do I need to be reporting my GG holdings on the FBAR?

We work with international clients and keeping up on the reporting requirements for all of them is quite difficult. We have a limited knowledge of the FBAR, or FiNCEN form 114, but know there reasons as to why or why not a US person should report Global Gold holdings. We recommend contacting a US tax expert for a qualified, final answer.

Buy & Sell

Where does Global Gold purchase their clients’ metals from?

Global Gold purchases its precious metals directly from a specially select group of mints and reputable wholesalers (for example, the Austrian Mint and Argor-Hereaus). The actual provider used depends on where we can get the best pricing from at the time we are executing your trade.

How competitive is the pricing of Global Gold?

As a Global Gold client, you buy and sell bullion coins and bars at rates that are highly competitive and superior to any comparable allocated solution.

What products do you offer?

We offer only bullion products (no semi-numismatic or numismatic products), a list of which can be found at our website. If you are interested in a product that is not on our list, please do not hesitate to ask us, as sometimes we are able to source other bullion products.

Are all products available in each storage location? Can I buy in one country and ship to another?

Not all the products are available for direct purchase at each storage location. The main reason for this is that we only offer the most liquid products in each storage location, based on our experience. Contact the team to find out what is available at each location. However, as a client of Global Gold, we can also ship your current holdings at any time to another storage facility operated by us.

How do I choose which format I should buy?

Which product you purchase depends largely on your personal preferences. Bars come with lower premiums, and thus can be purchased “cheaper” per ounce than intricately-detailed coins. However, coins can be sold in smaller tranches or used more easily in the ultimate fiat currency crisis. Your investment goals and the reasons for purchasing metals should be reviewed. If you are looking for guidance on which product(s) are right for you, please feel free to call/email us with your questions.

How quickly can I start buying with Global Gold?

You can start purchasing once we’ve received your properly completed, originally-signed application kit and supporting identification documents. With receipt of your application, Global Gold will issue an acceptance email within 24 hours containing all the necessary documents and information that would allow you to place your first orders immediately. Then, once we have received your funds and Buy Order, the trade is executed. In the future, we are looking into ways to continually improve the fluidity of the onboarding and purchasing process.

How is the price calculated when buying or selling?

With a purchase, the price is calculated by using the spot price, plus the premium on the particular metal/format, and the Global Gold brokerage fee. If you sell your metals, the price is normally slightly above, at, or slightly below spot plus the Global Gold brokerage fee. For more information about our brokerage fees, please contact Global Gold.

When is the price fixed? Is it when I send the Buy Order forms?

Once we have your Buy Order and funds, the price is fixed at the time we execute the trade. All trades are done during our usual business hours. Limit orders with a minimum value of CHF 250’000 can be placed where a maximum price can be set by you. Tentative pricing (updated every 30 seconds) can be found on the “Products” page of our website. These prices are not binding but are only indicative of the current pricing based on the terms mentioned on the Products page of the website.

What happens to any residual value after the purchase?

Since Global Gold is purchasing only allocated metals, there will likely always be a cash residual after purchase. Any cash residual to come from a transaction will be wired back to your Client Reference Account on file immediately after the trade has been executed.

Can I place an order after hours?

Global Gold only trades during our usual business hours from 8am – 5pm (GMT+1). If we receive a trade outside of those hours, we execute it the following morning.

Is there a minimum initial investment?

Yes, the initial investment is CHF 50’000 (or equivalent in USD, EUR, or GBP). Thereafter, an investment of at least a particular metal’s format lot size is required.

Why do you sell by lot sizes?

For coins, the reason is the packaging – it is important that they are properly packed and protected e.g. against scratches. For example, you can buy gold coins in lot sizes of 10, e.g. 10, 20, 50, etc. Alternatively, for bars after having initially purchased the minimum lot size (e.g. the lot size for 100g gold bars is 4), you may buy singular bars once the lot is met.

Can I pay by check or credit card? In which currencies can I buy?

No. We only accept bank wires for purchases at this time. Trades can be executed in CHF, USD, or EUR, and in some cases, GBP. The annual storage fees, however, can be paid via credit card or bank wire in CHF, USD, GBP, or EUR.

Do you charge VAT on purchases?

No, VAT is not applicable for metals purchased and/or stored within our storage facilities. However, if the metals leave the physical storage facility of Global Gold, the VAT regime of the destination country would be due. If you were to pick up your metals in Switzerland, for example, there would be no VAT on gold, but silver, platinum and palladium would incur a 7.7% VAT.

Are all offered products normally available for immediate delivery into storage?

In general, it takes between 2 to 5 days after purchase for delivery and final storage under the custody of Global Gold. When buying larger quantities of silver, the delivery can take up to 14 days. If there is a scarcity in the market, delays can occur. The client will always be informed if any longer delays are expected.

If I want to sell my gold, what guarantee is there that someone will buy it?

We work with a broad, yet select, network of refineries and wholesalers. The status and business volume we generate with these partners regularly ensures that we should be able to find a buyer promptly.

Should I invest more in silver or gold?

This really depends on your personal needs and preferences. Gold is considered a hedge in that it can offset losses in other asset classes in times of crisis and is considered a safe haven against catastrophe. Silver, while also a hedge against crisis, has wide industrial use, meaning it could still perform well even in times without crisis. From the standpoint of storage, silver, while much cheaper than gold per ounce, takes up more room and is thus generally more expensive to store than gold. Generally, we recommend a higher investment in gold than silver, but ultimately it is up to you and your reasons for purchasing metals.


Can I have my metals delivered to me?

Yes, we can ship your metals to your requested destination at any time. Because your metals are physically held in storage, there are no fabrication delays or costs in preparing the delivery. The metals are fully insured when being delivered. Global Gold can help you organize the delivery of your metals, or you can also arrange the delivery yourself from our storage facilities to your care. All costs of the delivery itself are borne by the client.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, generally you can ship anywhere in the world. However, there might be some different rules or restrictions depending on the country. Please contact Global Gold for a specific quote.


Can I pick up my metals?

Yes, it is possible to go directly to our storage facilities to pick up your metals. We’ve also had metals delivered to our office and have our clients pick them up there. Again, because of your unencumbered ownership of your metals, we generally only need a day or two to arrange the pick-up with our storage providers.

Transfer in-kind

Is it possible to move existing metals into the custody of Global Gold?

Yes, but it is subject to the minimum value of the metals moved in being CHF 250’000 (or equivalent). Because Swiss regulations dictate that such a transaction could create certain risks, we require additional information from you that will allow us to conduct this transaction, and the metals are likely to need assaying in order to be allowed into the Global Gold storage facilities. We will guide you through the process. At the moment, we only conduct the complete in-kind process in Switzerland. If you chose to store in any of our non-Swiss storage facilities, we would transfer the metals after assaying and acceptance with additional delivery fees to the final storage destination.

How do you ensure that the metals and coins are real when accepting such transfers?

All metals not purchased directly by Global Gold are subject to assaying. Once the metals arrive, they are kept separate until assayed by an independent, registered assayer. Once verified, they are accepted and moved to the Global Gold storage vault.


Does Global Gold pledge the metals held in storage? Is it leased to third-parties?

Global Gold does not lease, pledge or otherwise use the metals stored with Global Gold. Our Storage Contract was carefully crafted to avoid this and provide security that all of our clients’ metals are in storage 100% of the time. We conduct monthly internal audits of the vaults, and all of Global Gold’s vaults are audited annually by one of the Big-4 auditing firms. A summary of the Audit Report is available upon request.

If I wanted to, could I visit the vault where my gold is stored and take it home with me the same day?

Yes. A visit to the storage facility can be arranged. Global Gold will need at least a 48-hours’ notice to organize the visit, and/or a pick-up at the particular storage location. Because of the strict security procedures, you will not be allowed into the actual vaults but instead your metals will be made available for inspection in a separate section of the same facility. There are also fees for a visit to be arranged.

Is there a difference in terms of collective (COL) or segregated (SEG) storage in terms of ownership?

All metals stored by Global Gold are directly owned by you, and you have unencumbered ownership irrespective of which storage type you select. The metals are stored one-to-one in the format purchased by you. Collective storage means your metals are stored together with other metals of the same type and format, while segregated storage has your metals physically separate from others.

How much does it cost to store metals with Global Gold?

You can find a list of the storage fees at our website. The storage fees are paid annually in arrears, and the fees charged vary depending on the value of your holdings.

Are my metals insured?

Yes, your metals are fully insured against fire, water, fraud, theft and burglary. The storage fees you pay annually cover the costs for the insurance.

What is the storage invoicing process?

The storage fees are paid annually in arrears. We contact you at the beginning of each year and invoice you for our storage service during the prior fiscal year. Your storage invoice is uploaded to your password-protected Client Login Portal. Once you log in, you can pay the storage fees directly online via credit card or find the bank details to make a bank-to-bank wire transfer to settle the storage invoice.

How are the storage fees calculated?

The storage fee calculations are based on the average spot price of the storage period (January 1st to December 31st, or pro-rated if the services were used only part of the year). The applicable annual storage fees can be found at the Global Gold website, or through the Client Login Portal if you are already a client.

Do you offer deposit boxes?

Yes, Global Gold offers a unique deposit box service that we call Key Box Storage (KBS). Contrary to other services, you purchase your own box, which can be visited like a deposit box, or which can be delivered to the destination of your choice, thus offering far more flexibility. You may transfer your existing metals into your Key Box for storage, including numismatic or semi-numismatic coins.

Your Key Box comes with a lock and two keys that only you are given; access to the Key Box is restricted to you exclusively. The minimum aggregate amount of metals required to take advantage of this exclusive service is CHF 250’000. One Key Box can hold up to 30 kg, or approximately 60 pounds, of metals.

What storage options does Global Gold offer?

Global Gold offers three storage services: (1) Collective Storage (COL), (2) Segregated Storage (SEG), and (3) Key Box Storage (KBS). With Collective storage, your metals are held in a shared storage location, i.e. collectively with other clients’ metals of the same type and format. Collective storage is our cheapest and most popular option. In Segregated storage your metals are held physically separate from the holdings of any other Global Gold clients. Storage fees are higher than with the COL option. SEG storage is most often used by clients/institutions that need to know their particular bar numbers, or that bring in metals that have historical/emotional value to them. Key Box Storage has you purchasing your own Key Box, with lock and keys. The storage fees are the same as with SEG storage

With KBS, only you have access to your metals. Thus, withdrawing or selling metals from your personal box will require you to be present personally, or to give powers to a third party for access to the box. Under the COL and SEG storage, Global Gold can sell your metals based on your instructions at any time.

Can I change the location of my storage?

Yes, that is possible. You can change the location of your storage within the storage locations we offer. The price for having the metals shipped depends on the quantity and on the location. Please contact us to find out more about the costs involved.

Does Global Gold offer unallocated storage?

No. Global Gold only offers FULLY allocated storage.