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Global Gold offers private and institutional investors a safe, convenient, competitive and fully allocated precious metals service. Our clients can buy, sell, store and deliver a broad variety of physically allocated coins and bars made of gold, silver, platinum and palladium. Storage is offered in high-security storage facilities around the globe, with the majority stored in Switzerland.  More >>


1 oz Canadian Maple Leaf

From our best selling collection

The Canadian Maple Leaf, issued by the Government of Canada, is a 24 carat gold coin. Depending on the year of issue, it shows Queen Elizabeth the 2nd in a different age.

…and why


The world's financial system and fiat currency model entail systemic risks and flaws that require prudent, precautionary measures. An increasing number of investors recognize this and wish to insure and diversify themselves against such risks by holding a portion of their wealth in precious metals.


In the interest of preserving and growing wealth, we offer such investors the opportunity to buy and sell physical precious metals conveniently, safe-keeping them in a secure location from where they can be retrieved or delivered anytime, or sold promptly and easily.


Best Sellers

2019 $50 1oz 9999Au - GML - REV.jpg
Canadian Maple Leaf
Weight: 1 oz
Type: Gold
100 gr Gold Bar
Weight: 100 Gramm
Type: Gold
Australian Kangaroo
Weight: 1 oz
Type: Gold


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